Kilimanjaro Climb Machame 6 Days.

Kilimanjaro Climb Machame 6 Days is Private Climbing Tour  to mount Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania. the route provide highly chance to reach the summit due to its terrain nature characterized by rising and falling aspects. The 6-Days Machame climbing Route is used by trekker to about 53% of them, and most climbers choose the Machame route due to highly success rates. Kilimanjaro Climb Machame 6 Days.

 Kilimanjaro Climb Machame 6-Days – Tour Itinerary.

This is 6-Days Machame climbing Route itinerary. At the beginning of Kilimanjaro climbing, transferred to Marangu Gate form your hotel; climbing will follow after registration on the way to the first camp.

From day 2 to day 4 your Kilimanjaro climbing tour will interchange between camp and camp guided by main guide, cooks and porters while enjoying number of attractions includes vegetation zone, climate and scenery of the route.

In the mid night of day 5, you will summit the peak. There you will enjoy with your friend while taking pictures and congratulating each other. After short time start descend to Mweka camp where the overnight will be arranged there.

The final day 6 in the morning will follow by descending to the main gate for signing out after receiving summit certificate. This will mark the end of Kilimanjaro Climb Machame 6 Days.

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