When To Go For Safari

Best Time of the Year To Go Safari Tanzania

Tanzania is located along the equator hence temperatures for the weather in Tanzania are fairly constant throughout the year, although the rainy season in April and May is best avoided. Tanzania also has a light rain season also known as the ‘short rains’ followed by clear sunshine that takes place in November.
From December to March the weather becomes increasingly hot and humid before the rains return in April to replenish the lands once more. The Best Time to Go Tanzania for Safari are during the Dry season from late June to late October.
The best chance of view the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is during June and July and the time for wildebeest calving is January up to February.
The southern and western circuit parks are best visited during the dry-season (June up to October), unlike the more popular northern circuit parks that can be visited year-round. Tarangire is the only exception, since its wildlife viewing is considerably better in the dry-season as well.Best Time of the Year To Go Safari Tanzania

When Is the Best Time of the Year For Safari Visit Tanzania

Best Time To Visit Tanzania: Touring in Tanzania is all yearly around, however there are best month while others worth!

  • From June-October and from December to the end of March, these are the best time to visit Tanzania for safari due to being dry and animals visibility is high
  • Late January to February is the Best Time for viewing calving in the southern Serengeti. This is an excellent time to see predator action.
  • But in between April, May and November land become wet due to rainfall and hence not recommend doing Safari.
  • In Serengeti Park June / October is when great animals Migration occur while in between January and February is best season for Calving in Ndutu Plain.

Best Time To Visit Tanzania – Booking Information.

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