Tanzania Destinations | Parks & Reserves

Our safari holidays in Tanzania begin by visiting the big and beautiful country with fascinating parks. Safaris have been a way of life in Tanzania for years.
This country is blessed with the best combination of both super big game and stunning tropical beaches. You can fly from Tanzania safari camp in the morning to an Indian Ocean beach for an afternoon swim.
Because the country is very big geographically Tanzanian holiday Safari may fall into four broad areas, the famous ‘northern circuit’ safaris; the wild parks of southern Tanzania, safaris of western Tanzania; and the beaches of the coast and islands.
These Tanzania’s three safari areas are very different, but all combine well with trips to the beach! Looking at each in more details.Tanzania Destinations | Parks & Reserves

Tanzania Destinations | Game Parks & Reserves

Comprising the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Parks, Tanzania’s famous northern safari region is where to go for classic game viewing and the wildebeest migration. But the country’s long tropical coastline is home to fabulous beaches as well as can’t-miss Zanzibar and other tropical islands – and that’s before you discover wild savanna and rain forest destinations, located in barely visited central and southern Tanzania.
The reason why Tanzania is seen is one of the best African countries for a safari is because there are so many different packages to enjoy within its game parks destinations – such as tracking, specialized wildlife tours, boat rides, mountaineering, walking tours and hot air balloon rides – and there is a park to suit all kinds of visitors.
The following examples showcase the five best parks for those with a taste for adventure, wildlife enthusiasts with either a desire to expand their knowledge or see rare spectacles, anthropologists keen on the other side of Tanzanian safari and first timers wanting to see as much as possible.

 Northern Circuit – Destinations

The first Tanzanian safaris are found in the ‘northern circuit’ as it remains the most well-known safari area in Tanzania. The Ngorongoro Crater and the Rift Valley’s Lake Manyara are names to have more scenery. The Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration is one of the world’s great wildlife displays as intend to attract millions of human tourists every year without forget Tarangire & Kilimanjaro famous for trekking adventures.

  • The Ngorongoro national park is the greatest wildlife attraction as the view of the Ngorongoro Crater is the breath-taking phenomenal as a lot of tourist preferred to visit this area. While in Ngorongoro crater you can have a chance to spot the big on the crater floor.
  • The Serengeti National park is the one with huge ecosystem covers several different reserves, and includes overwhelming amounts of game drives. You will also witness wildebeest migration in this park
  • The lake Manyara is very small national park but a very spectacular safari park which sits between the Great Rift Valley’s steep Western escarpment and the Lake Manyara.
  • The Tarangire National park is best when it’s dry; Tarangire is an excellent park with plentiful game and very different bird-life. The bulk of it is also moderately quiet, with few people reaching the southern regions where safaris can still find a sense of ‘wilderness.

Southern Circuit – Destinations

In the southern circuit the parks coves huge areas and provide great game-viewing in distant areas, based at small lodges where local safari guides drive you around in open 4WDs vehicle. It’s an excellent knowledge to arrange a safari the parks of the southern circuit in Tanzania. These parks are Selous which is the largest game reserve. Selou offers some of the best big game safari with the best guides. The other southern circuit park is Mikumi and Udzungwa parks which are the best for seeing mountainous features and enough area to conduct a game drive with professional guides.

Western Circuit – Destinations

The Safaris in western Tanzania circuit are in a competition of their own with superb and different wildlife involvements. They are seriously in remote area. due to this, these Tanzania safaris are usually expensive and they receive very few tourists This western zone includes two main parks. Gombe and Mahale National parks which are remote but have the excellent game including buffalo and lion and the best feelings of wilderness while you are there. Totally different from Tanzania’s safari parks, Mahale is a thickly-forested and mountainous. On one side are the vast Lake Tanganyika, also it is the best park to watch wild chimpanzees at close view.

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