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Tanzania boasts seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fantastic destinations for paleontological, historical and cultural explorations. A quarter of its total area has been set aside as national parks, reserves and concessions for the protection of its wildlife and natural wonders. Serengeti witnesses mass migration of millions of hoofed and horned mammals, one of the “Wonders Of The Natural World” you must see if you bush travel in Africa.
Incredibly vast Selous Game Reserve, the largest in Africa. Together, Tanzania holds a fifth of all the wildlife in on the entire continent. Ruaha and Katavi are prime virgin and untouched wildlife destinations while Mount Kilimanjaro is highest stand-alone mountain in the world
Ngorongoro, walled by the world’s largest unbroken caldera with large diversity of animals plus masai society who co-exist with wildlife. it is hostorical place after the discoveries of done by Dr.Leakey about the skul of first human ancestor and again Experience number of volcanic core like Oldonyo Lengai.
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The essence of true Africa is most profound as your travel into the bush to witness real-world struggles between predator and prey that co-mingle with precious moments of birthing, maternal instincts, territorial rights and other social behaviors. There is nowhere else like Tanzania in the whole of Africa and the world for a diverse multifaceted adventure vacation destination. Swahili together with over 120 native African tribes from Hadzabe (hunter-gatherers), Datoga to the colorful Maasai, all blended through a history of cattle rearing, farming, hunting, trading, slaving, love and war. On a Tanzania primate safari at Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream, you can also visit mankind’s closest genetic kin, the chimpanzees, with a 95-98% shared DNA composition. Gombe is a landmark park as this is the forest wilderness where Dr. Jane Goodall did her chimp behavioral research for 50 years..

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Africa’s wildlife represents the world’s most intriguing and captivating species, and unique jungle Safaris crafts its offerings by giving each and every guest a personalized, distinct and memorable fauna safari that is augmented by its culture, history, flora, mountains, rivers, lakes and much more. For the ultimate vacation in Africa, you need go no farther than Tanzania and our team. On an authentic, discerning tour in Tanzania, there is every possible combination of stunning landscapes, spectacular terrestrial and marine wildlife, idyllic beaches and islands, exciting adventure, archeological findings, eye-opening cultural appreciation and fascinating history.

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