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Training Preparation for Kilimanjaro Climbing Fitness is a physical undertaking, so you should prepare yourself accordingly with a Kilimanjaro training program. Being in good shape is important in many respects. Obviously, strong, conditioned legs make it easier to walk uphill and downhill for sustained periods of time.
General aerobic fitness allows the body to function efficiently with less oxygen. And a fit body is more likely to withstand the stress of consecutive days of hiking and camping.
Finally, a positive mental attitude can work wonders for you when fatigue and doubts arise.
The former is important as you will be trekking between 5-10 miles a day for the duration of your climb (which can be up to 9 days if you have booked onto a long route). The ability to draw on physical reserves as your energy depletes is key.
However, if you read about or speak to high altitude climbers they will all say that your mental stamina is just as important as your physical patience.Training Preparation for Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro Training Preparation – Overview.

Being mentally prepared will also be crucial to your chance of a successful summit climb. Progressively pushing the limits of your physical training will help develop your capacity to endure the strain. A positive attitude is also crucial. It is helpful to remind yourself when training and during the climb that thousands of people have achieved this feat before you and that you can do it too. But do be prepared for setbacks and particularly difficult stages during the climb. And remember that your guide will be there to encourage and inspire you!

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