Tanzania Safari Tours Packages

Tanzania is a beautiful country with endless travel experiences to disover. Come and climb Africa’s highest mountain and swim in the warm Indian Ocean.
Tanzania is a journey with well organized itineraries that bringing together the most remarkable landscapes, peoples’ norms and culture as well as the most thrilling wildlife. Adventure a safari in the endless plains of Serengeti and get an amazing sight of the wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater.
Safari Tours in Tanzania as best holidays package for many visitors, it provide the opportunity to explore different attraction in these countries.
It involve trekking to Mount Kilimanjaro, extended to wildlife safari Serengeti, the tour will end in Zanzibar best for beach vacation.

Tanzania Travel Tours & Safari Packages

Tanzania Ultimate Safaris – Overview

For the ultimate vacation in Africa, you need go no farther than Tanzania and unique jungle tours & Safaris. On an authentic, discerning tour in Tanzania, there is every possible combination of stunning landscapes, spectacular terrestrial and marine wildlife, idyllic beaches and islands, exciting adventure, archeological findings, eye-opening cultural appreciation and fascinating history.
If you have only a short time to spend in Tanzania and you would like a quick Tanzania Safari tour then budget and Affordable Safari is probably the best tour that you can take from Arusha town in Northern Tanzania. Use our Booking form below to get a detail of Tanzania Affordable Safari Package.

What to Wear on Safari

There is no proper dress for a safari in Tanzania, though it is advised to wear either brown, green khaki or any other neutral colour clothes so as not to draw attention to yourself or frightening the animals. Since the driving distance can be very long when in a safari it is recommended that you dress comfortably and lightly. It is also advised to come with warmer clothes because in the evenings there might be quite cold.

What to Pack for Your Safari

When it comes to time of packing for your safari some complications might appear in things you need to bring and what you don’t need to bring. Below is a list of our recommendation of things you have to bring on a safari.

  • A backpack

It is always advised to have manageable bag that you can have with you since there is a plenty room in our safari vehicle.

  • A warm sweater or light fleece

In Tanzania nights and morning can be a bit cold. Therefore it is advised to to have something a little warmer to wear until the sun warms the land again.

  • A windbreaker or waterproof jacket

As you can never know when it is going to rain it is better to pack a lightweight rain jacket that will be a good idea. Also it will be useful option for when you are about to camp.

  • Walking shoes or boots

You will also needs a comfortable pair of shoes or hiking boots for walking to your lodges, snapping photos from the picnic spot or if you include any walking safari to your itinerary, though much of your safari will be spent on a vehicle. Even in a safari car you will need a pair of comfortable shoes that can cover your skin from insect bite and sunburn.

  • A long sleeve dress shirt and trousers

This is quite perfect for both ward off mosquitoes and sun protection. Also they are the better option for a cold morning or evenings. But if you are at the lodge you might need these for dinner and drinks at the end of your day safari.

  • Sunglasses

The sunglasses are the good protective measures and have the advantage of reducing glare during the game viewing since the sun in Tanzania can be a quite intense.

  • Hat

Your vehicle will provide a good shade from the sun rays as they have the top up roofs for game viewing. But also you will need to have a hat to avoid the nasty burns or heatstroke.

Don’t forget your Camera

In order to take good photographs in a Tanzania safari you should consider the quality of your camera you take.  For the incidences like when the wild animals are far from your safari vehicle that is more than 25m  you need to have a camera with the best focal length to zoom in the wild animals so as to get the good safari photography.

 Be Prepared to Wake Up Early

Normally animals are active in the morning and evening. This is the reason why most of the Tanzania safaris are divided into two parts that is an early morning game drive and in the evening around 4:30 p.m. during the midday the sun is too hot and most of the wilds are hiding or laying themselves in the shade so it is difficult to see them.

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