The Great Serengeti Migration Safaris

The Serengeti migration safari is the occasion that any safari planner could not want to miss. This safari is complemented by the availability of the best accommodations in lodges or camps.
This stunning moment will always boost your hidden deepest feelings as you will be exposed with thousands of wildebeest and zebras crossing the Serengeti grassy plains as they search for good grass and secure areas to give birth to their younger.
Serengeti migrations safari brings together the unforgettable and the eye-catching moments that will always quench any wildlife safari planner.
While the number of wildebeest and zebras will amaze you with their birth synchronization, lions and cheaters will shock you with their stalking and ambushing means to capture the young and weak members of the migrating herd for a superb and fresh meal.

3 Day Wildebeest Migration Safari

The Great Serengeti Migration Safaris – Overview.

This Program is the old and marketable one that elaborates the unifying beauty of the Serengeti national park and explains on the wildebeest migration as the natural existing phenomenon.
Depending on the season and the wildebeest migration pattern provides the amazing chance to stay at the lodge or camp that will enable a closer experience of the Serengeti migrations.
However, for the Masai Mara migration you’ll need to go between mid-August and late October when the herds have returned.
Generally, the game viewing in Tanzania is at its peak during the June to October dry season but the best time to go to Tanzania for the Serengeti wildebeest migration is from November and February and again from June to Late August.

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