Marangu Route 6 Days

Kilimanjaro Climb Marangu Route 6-Days.

Climb Marangu Route 6-days it provide enough time to stay on the mountain and hence become used to weather pattern. The hike is moderate on the way to the summit although in some cases you will experience steep scenery. The Marangu Route 6-days is utmost choice as it offer huts after every reasonable height. Huts is supplied with most important needs such as accommodation, drinks and Mattress, This Helps to reduce the cost of buying a lot of thing at the gate.  Marangu Route 6-Days | Kilimanjaro Climb.


6-Days Marangu Route – Tour Program.

Day 1: Transfer from Arusha to Mandara Huts via Gate

As you arrive at the gate from Arusha you will begin your 6-Days Marangu route. moving 8km high, which is from 1860m to 2700m high passing via montane forest habitat taking you about 3-4 hours to reach Mandara hut. In the hut you will have overnight.

DAY 2: Mandara Huts to Horombo Huts

in the morning you will have breakfast the continue from your last destination trekking for 12km reaching the next hut which is from 2700m to 3700m high passing through heathland habitat. This we will take about 5-6 hours to reach the Horombo hut where you will have overnight.

DAY 3: Trek to Kibo Huts

The day begins with breakfast, then you will carry on with the trekking tour ascending from 3700m to 4700m high reaching the Kibo hut. This is a 9km distance taking you about 5-6 hours to reach the hut, at the hut you will have overnight.

DAY 4: Kibo Huts to Uhuru Peak

after breakfast at the hut we will trek from an elevation of 4700m to 5895m,reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro then we will have few minutes then descend to 3700m, high at the Horombo camp. This is makes a total distance of 6km up and 15km down, this takes 6-8 hours going up and down, . In the camp you will have overnight.

Day 5: Descend to The Park Gate

Soon after breakfast we will continue descend till at the gate, which is 20 km from the camp passing through montane forest climate to an elevation of 1700m. This will take about 4-5 hours to reach the gate where you will be rewarded a trekking certificate by the authority, thereafter you can celebrate the achievement with your crew before are taken to a hotel in town. Forget not to tip your porters

Day 6: Departure day: Transfer to Kilimanjaro or Arusha Airport B.

In the morning you will have breakfast at the hotel, then you will be transported to Kilimanjaro international airport or to Arusha airport for a flight back home.

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