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Mount Kilimanjaro climbing Tour proofs are vital information’s before climbing the mountain for the climbers. Information’s like Kilimanjaro routes, training before trekking, Kilimanjaro acclimatization’s, climbing gears, climbing guides, best season to climb and the others must be considered before the actual trekking.
These all facts must be planned before for the successful summit on top of this mountain.
The best and recommended time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro are June, July, august and September, these month provides the good weather condition for the hikers.
But the other month such as January, February, October and December are also good for climbing but there is cold condition. In March, May and November it is wet season, so it is not that much recommended to trek Mount Kilimanjaro.
Our Kilimanjaro guides are well trained and will guide you successfully to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.
This can be made through any of the Kilimanjaro official route you choose Lemosho, Rongai, Machame, Marangu, Shira, Umbwe. On the way to the summit this mountain you will come across different scenery like unique vegetation, different mountainous features and wildlife.
 Kilimanjaro Best Time | When To Climb.

Kilimanjaro Climbing – Overview

Mount Kilimanjaro is among is among the famous mountain in the world. This mountain does not require specialized skills to reach the summit but only require some of the fitness of an individual and determination to reach the summit. Also the trackers ought to know about acclimatization which is the rule to summit successfully. Mount Kilimanjaro which is characterized with different landscape can offer you an exceptional offer while trekking the mountain you can come across different land forms like high knolls, moorland and upland deserts, snows and ice pinnacles of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Also the exceptional offer extends when get the chance of spotting the wildlife on the route. Therefore there are many more adventures which you can come across while on the route to summit the world tallest unsupported mountain “the Kilimanjaro Mountain”.

Best Kilimanjaro Routes

There are several routes used to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. Each of the route can help the climbers to reach at the summit. Though the routes tend to differ in terms significantly as it is important to consider the route difficulty, traffic, acclimatization, scenery and overall summit rate. Therefore you have to select the route which will suit your desire. Below is the short description of the Kilimanjaro routes.

  • MACHAME ROUTE – most known and starts from the South via the tropical rain forest.
  • MARANGU ROUTE – commonly known as the  ‘Coca Cola Route’s many were on cheap 5 days but low success rate to reach the top of mount Kilimanjaro
  • LEMOSHO ROUTE – Very Popular and preferred by many climbers – and is one of the ‘best’ Kilimanjaro routes with magnificent scenery
  • RONGAI ROUTE – Lower with more wildlife and shorter trekking distances on the first few days of the Kilimanjaro trekking
  • UMBWE ROUTE – it is the shortest and steep in trekking Kilimanjaro via Barranco Camp – where it joins up with the Lemosho and Machame Routes.

What we consider in selecting these routes is the acclimatization features and excellent summit success rate to the Uhuru peak.

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