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Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari is the best safari package in Tanzania for trekking mount kilimanjaro later extended to wildlife safari northern circuit of serengeti, ngorongoro and Tarangire. Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari  is to Ascent the “Roof of Africa”, on Mount Kilimanjaro, trek with the Native over their inherited land or walk around and see the unique plant life and creatures of the intact rain forests. Hiking is the best way to understanding the miracles of the magnificent mountainous areas of Tanzania and to fascinate the perfect nature and beautiful visions. Whether you set base on the summits of Tanzania’s highest mountains or just walk through the lush forests on the lower slopes for a few hours is something occurs once in your life time memory. Kilimanjaro Trekking in this country offers something for everyone.

Tanzania Safari is the most gifted country in natural resource that one can never imagine. it has extensive and endless plains along with enormous and mysterious creatures, without leaving behind the Eden’s garden which is the most noticeable in the Tanzania wilderness. Apart from that there is the tallest one standing mountain “the Kilimanjaro Mountain “standing above sooty red savanna along with thick green forests. Also there swarming volcanic craters comprised of alkaline lakes decorated by colored flamingo along with outstanding vast wildlife migration. there are hidden waterholes, swamp and hot springs this makes your safari in Tanzania wilderness is the most extraordinary adventure that you should not wait for someone to narrate it to you but come and witness it by your naked eyes

15 Days Kilimanjaro and Safaris Tanzania

15-Days Kilimanjaro Climb and Safaris. 15 days Kilimanjaro Climbing and Safari to Tanzania wildlife Family Trip to the game park located northern parks like Serengeti, ngorongoro, lake manyara and Tarangire in 8 days combining with Kilimanjaro adventures trekking tour through machame route in 7 days. In this 15 Days Kilimanjaro and Safaris is best in [...]

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12 Days Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari

12-Days Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari. 12 days Kilimanjaro climb and safari Tanzania holidays trip. Is the best Tour for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzania wildlife Safari in Lodge and Budget Camping Package. This Safari will take you to treks mount Kilimanjaro through Marangu Route in 5 days and doing wildlife safari 7 days to Northern game park [...]

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16 Days Kilimanjaro and Safari Tanzania

 16 Days Kilimanjaro and Safari Tanzania 16 Days Kilimanjaro and Safari Tour is the best holidays Tour package to Tanzania entails to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro In of the best route Machame, Rongai Marangu or Lemosho later takes you to Tanzania wildlife safaris in the major Tanzania game parks of Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and [...]

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