Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti.

Wildebeest Migration Season in Serengeti is Best Time In July To October. these months migration become concentrated at the middle part of Serengeti plain. The Great Migration is a natural phenomenon, as old as the land itself. Seasonal rainfall is the trigger that sparks the mass movement of mega herds in pursuit of the sweet, new grasses that wildebeest love. Since nature sets the schedule, planning a successful migration safari takes experience and excellent local knowledge. Around 1.5 million Serengeti wildebeests, with hundreds of thousands of zebras, and other herbivores alongside with large number hungry carnivores, leave their calving grounds in Ndutu area southern Serengeti, around March and April, heading for the next water source.

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti

Best Time To Visit Migration Season in Serengeti – Short Overview.

  •  Best Time To Visit Serengeti national park for Migration Season is all yearly around, however there are best month while others worth! From June to October and from December to March, these are the best time  for safari due to being dry.
  • But in between April, May and November land become wet due to rainfall and hence
    not recommend doing Safari.
  • In Serengeti Park June to October is when great animals Migration occur while in between January and February is best season for Calving in Ndutu Plain.

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