3 Days Serengeti Lodge Safari

3 Days Lodge Wildlife Safari in Serengeti National Park best for family trip during holiday time. Our 3 Days Serengeti Lodge Safari Tour you will be able to get service related to the level of budgets. Since there or extremely luxury lodges, standard and budget one inside Serengeti.. you will have opportunity also for touring in Ngorongoro during your last day while heading to Arusha. All programs will give you an opportunity to explore Serengeti wildlife and if in season get to see the stirring Serengeti wildebeest migration with its amazing river crossing, birth synchronization, lactation and the unfolding of predator/prey relationship within the Serengeti plains.
3 Days Serengeti Lodge Safari

Serengeti Lodge Safari Tour Itinerary.

A well planned Serengeti lodge safari is another way of exploring the nature and Serengeti wildlife that will take you through the fascinating landscapes and take you to a luxury or budget lodge with yet an amazing view of wildlife even just at your balcony. Weather you plan for a normal vacation or on honeymoon, Serengeti lodge safari program has all it takes to have that memorable honeymoon vacation in a natural setting lodge in the heart of Serengeti.

This program depending on the season and expectation of the visitor can take you with Serengeti wildebeest migration along an array of Serengeti budget and luxury lodges well placed in line of the Serengeti great migration. However those who would wish to get more in touch with the nature could opt the Serengeti Lodge safari program which my allow you to stay at a mobile tented camp of permanent tented camps. The Serengeti Wildlife safari program is one of its kind and can also switch from luxury to budget camps along Serengeti wildebeest migration depending on visitors own budget.

Whether you choose a Serengeti lodge safari program or Serengeti Lodge safari program you will receive a stunning service from both our well trained driver guides and chefs with the state of the art kitchen skills.

3 Days Serengeti Lodge Safari- Best time.

The best wildlife viewing months in Tanzania are during the Dry season from late June to October. The best chance of seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is during June and July and the time to see the wildebeest calving is late January to February.

Best time to go:

  • June to October (High Season for All parks), June-July and January-February (Serengeti for the wildebeest migration & calving)
  • Low Season: April and May (northern circuit parks still get quite a few visitors unlike the southern and western circuit parks, where many lodges close down)
  • Best Weather: June to October (Little to no rainfall)
  • Worst Weather: March and April (Peak of Wet season)



3 Days Serengeti Lodge Safari Itinerary is shorter tour trip to Ngorongoro and Serengeti park. It is perfects to many travelers who wish to see migration of wildebeest.

You will Arrive at Kilimanjaro international Airport and transferred to Arusha hotel.

For day 1 and 2, enjoy Serengeti national park for full day game drive. it include tracking wildebeest migrations.

In the final day transfer to Arusha via ngorongoro crater for flight back home.


We provides vast varieties of quality Tanzania safari accommodation depending on the Pricing cost and how luxurious you need for. So the 3 days lodge Safari Tanzania tours we have the following type’s accommodation to present.

  • Luxury and semi – luxury lodges.
  • Standard lodges.
  • Luxury Tented Camps
  • Mobile Camping
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